How to Check Google Indexing: Troubleshooting Common Errors

How to Check Google Indexing of a Website

Understanding how to check Google indexing is crucial for any website owner. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to verify if your site is being indexed by Google and what to do if you encounter common indexing errors.

Why Is Google Indexing Important?

Before we dive into how to check for Google indexing, let’s understand why it’s important. Google indexing is the process by which Google crawls and stores information from your website in its database. This is essential for your website to appear in search results when users search for relevant keywords.

How to Check If Google Is Indexing My Site

To check if Google is indexing your site, follow these simple steps:

  • Use the Google Search Console: The most straightforward way to check if your site is indexed is by using the Google Search Console. Add your website to the console and navigate to the ‘Coverage’ section to see the index status of your pages.
  • Perform a Site Search: Another quick method is to use the search query in Google. This will show you all the pages from your website that are currently indexed. If you see your pages in the search results, it means Google is indexing your site.

Is Google Indexing My Site Correctly?

Even if Google is indexing your site, it’s important to ensure that it’s indexing the right pages. Check for any excluded pages in the Google Search Console and review your robots.txt file to ensure you’re not accidentally blocking important pages from being indexed.

Troubleshooting “URL Is Not on Google” Indexing Errors

If you’re facing the “URL is not on Google” error in the Google Search Console, it means that specific pages are not being indexed. Here are some steps to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Check for Crawl Errors: Ensure that Google can access your page by checking for crawl errors in the Google Search Console.
  • Review Your Robots.txt File: Make sure your robots.txt file is not blocking Google from crawling the affected URL.
  • Inspect the URL: Use the URL Inspection tool in the Google Search Console to request indexing for the affected URL.

Why Isn’t Google Indexing My Page?

There could be several reasons why Google isn’t indexing your page:

  • Duplicate Content: If your page has content that’s similar to other pages on the internet, Google might skip indexing it to avoid redundancy.
  • Low-Quality Content: Pages with thin or low-quality content might not get indexed.
  • Technical Issues: Issues like server errors, slow loading times, or incorrect canonical tags can prevent Google from indexing your page.


Checking whether Google is indexing your site is crucial for your website’s visibility in search results. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your site is properly indexed and troubleshoot any common indexing errors. Remember, a well-indexed site is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy.

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