Fix Page Indexing Issues: Causes, Checks & Solutions

Fix Page Indexing Issues: Causes, Checks & Solutions

What are Page Indexing Issues?

Page indexing issues refer to the problems that prevent search engines like Google from properly crawling and indexing your website’s pages. When a page is not indexed, it won’t appear in search results, greatly reducing the organic visibility of your website.

Common Causes of Page Indexing Issues

Several factors can cause page indexing issues:

  • Incorrect robots.txt file
  • Meta noindex tags on pages
  • Canonical tag misconfiguration
  • Broken XML sitemap
  • Server errors and redirects

How to Check if Your Pages are Indexed

To determine if your pages are indexed, perform a site: search on Google. If it shows a
significant number of results, you’re in good shape. However, if the number is much lower than the actual
number of pages on your site, some of your pages may not be indexed.

Fixing Page Indexing Issues

1. Review and Update Your robots.txt file

Ensure that your robots.txt file is properly configured to allow search engines to crawl and index the relevant
pages of your website. Remove any entries that may be blocking important pages.

2. Check for Meta noindex Tags

Inspect the HTML source code of your web pages and ensure that there are no meta tags with “noindex” directives.
These tags explicitly tell the search engines not to index the respective pages.

3. Verify Canonical Tag Configuration

Check the implementation of canonical tags on your web pages. Ensure they correctly point to the preferred
version of the page, and that there are no conflicting signals that can confuse search engines.

4. Fix Broken XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps provide a roadmap for search engines to discover and index your pages. Regularly check and fix any
broken or outdated XML sitemaps, ensuring that all URLs are valid and accessible.

5. Resolve Server Errors and Redirects

Server errors or incorrect redirects can prevent search engine crawlers from properly reaching and indexing
your pages. Monitor your website regularly and fix any server errors or incorrect redirects promptly.


Having page indexing issues can significantly impact the visibility and organic traffic of your website.
However, by following the steps above and ensuring proper configuration of your website, you can improve the
indexing and overall search engine visibility of your pages.

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